Openindiana with iSCSI to Mac Initiator

Don’t have enough space on your existing Time Machine backup disk?  Time Capsule need to be expandable or redundant, or just work correctly?

Try this recipe!

(next up: Time Machine with OpenIndiana/FCoE) 

pkg install SUNWiscsit
pkg install SUNWstfm
svcadm enable -r iscsi/target:default

Creation of zvol:
zfs create -V 500G rspool/TimeMachine

Add to SCSI block disk:
sbdadm create-lu /dev/zvol/rdsk/rspool/TimeMachine

Get GUID for SCSI target mode framework adding, etc.:
sbdadm list-lu

Add to SCSI target mode framework:
stmfadm add-view 600144f044bb4a0000004e204e5e0001

Create iSCSI target:
itadm create-target

Get target info (target name, etc) for initiator, deleting target, etc:
itadm list-target -v

Get iSCSI initator for Mac:
- Open dmg, install and reboot.
- Use info from itadm list-target to configure adding the target onto the Mac in System Preferences/globalSAN iSCSI target initiator.
- Add IP to iSCSI target initiator.
- Giggity.

Expand the zvol:
zfs set volsize=750G rspool/TimeMachine 

Delete target:
itadm delete-target -f

Remove from SCSI target mode framework:
stmfadm remove-view -l 600144f044bb4a0000004e204e5e0001

Remove from SCSI block disk:
sbdadm delete-lu 600144f044bb4a0000004e204e5e0001

Recover space from zvol:
zfs destroy rspool/TimeMachine

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